Synthogy ivory 1.5 intel mac

Thursday, 15 October This page contains software updates.

Please check back as more updates will be added periodically. Newest Update for Ivory II. Ivory 2. Ivory II must already be installed for this update to run. Updates for Ivory version 1. Please note that the updates below will only update the plug-in engine. If you still own the Ivory 1. Please check back as updates are added periodically.

Updates for Ivory II.

Minimum Hardware

Ivory II 2. This update is for bit Ivory running under OS X Note that you must have DVD 1 mounted on your desktop for each installer to work.

Macintosh / OS X

Follow Us. Ivory VST 1. Ivory RTAS 1. Grand Pianos. Italian Grand. Upright Pianos.

Synthogy Virtual Instruments : Ivory II - Grand Pianos

Unexpected — and unexpectedly useful too. The eight good pad sounds available, plus associated level, transpose, decay and release controls, point to this being somewhat more than an afterthought. A new feature in Ivory II is the Session page. It's not compulsory to use this, but you'd be mad not to at least explore it.

What you find there are loads of performance parameters: In one way, you can think of these as 'global' parameters.

Clearly, for Ivory II's designers, bigger is better. The fundamental sound quality is beyond question; this is the state of the art as far as piano sampling goes, with an ideal blend of weight and presence. Mechanical noises are noticeably there, but never too dominant.

Velocity switching is impossible to perceive in context, even with presets that have only four layers.

Build Your Own Piano

Actual dynamic response is remarkably good; the progression of scale and tone is outstanding, and the quietest timbres are beautifully captured, especially in the case of the Steinway D. The three pianos are distinctly different in character, but all exude class and authority. These days, though, it's not enough to just get nice recordings of individual notes: In this respect, Ivory II also delivers, helped in no small measure by the sustain and sympathetic resonance features. Ivory II incorporates some useful effects processors.

The reverb is surprisingly good, and requires very little CPU power.

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Then comes practicality. On the contrary, it runs amazingly lean.

Synthogy Ivory II Grand Pianos

The CPU hit remains constant regardless of polyphony assigned, and varies very little according to the actual number of voices used. If you need to run more efficiently than this, disabling sympathetic resonance DSP cuts processor use to apparently negligible levels — this is one seriously efficient playback engine. It'd be quicker on newer hardware. Note to self — must start saving for new laptop No glitching or other nasties, and no crashes. The user interface was always clear and responsive. So is there anything not to like?

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  8. At least there's some clear guidance about how to create them manually in Ivory II's user manual. Then there's that iLok see box above.