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Drag and drop Photoshop graphics into position. Data merge Take advantage of the new Data Merge feature to merge text and graphics originally stored in spreadsheets or databases. Create custom publications for direct mail campaigns, including form letters, mailing labels, envelopes, and catalogs.

You can even merge images using a unique PageMaker 7. Produce Reliable Output PageMaker provides support for the leading print standards. Output files to any printing device, including high-end commercial printers. Consistent, predictable color PageMaker provides several features that enhance color output, whether you're printing to a desktop printer or a commercial press.

Ensure consistent and predictable color throughout your design, proofing, and printing process. Use knockout, overprint, and trapping to compensate for misregistration or hue shift between colors. Each publication contains its own collection of colors, available through the Colors palette. Define your own colors, select them from a color-matching system, or import them with an EPS graphic.

Color management Support for the ICC color management profile standards means you can share device profiles between multiple color management systems. Each device you use to create a publication - scanners, monitors, desktop printers, and printer presses - can reproduce or display a limited set of colors.

Open *.pmd files (PageMaker) in Windows & MacOS using Office Word!

A color management system obtains the color characteristics of each device and then maps this information between devices. By taking advantage of color management, you help ensure the quality and consistency of color output.

Advanced printing options Using the Save for Service Provider plug-in, follow simple, guided steps to consolidate everything your printer needs in a single file. Specify duplexing options. The Build Booklet plug-in creates multipage spreads that print on a single sheet and assume the correct page order when folded.

Adobe PDF files can be downloaded, viewed, and printed from several different platforms with the page layout and typography of the original publication intact. PageMaker 7. Add document information, change security options, and modify advanced Distiller settings -all from within PageMaker.

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Adobe knows that your page layout software should help you save time rather than spend it. That's why PageMaker provides templates and clip-art to help you add a professional touch to your publications. Templates No time to lay out your publications from scratch? No problem. Start with one of the hundreds of professionally designed templates included with PageMaker to lay out your newsletters, brochures, reports, business stationery, and other publications.

Beginning, intermediate, and advanced versions of templates offer a wide array of design choices and let you master PageMaker at your own pace.

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The templates are fully customizable, so you can easily modify them to suit the specific needs of your projects. A field name that begins with the character indicates the name of an image file to be imported. Unfortunately, you can't use a dialog box to choose the folder or drive containing the file to be imported; instead, you must type something like Mac Start: Real Estate Project: Be careful--one typo, and your file won't import.

Adobe PageMaker 7.0

You also need to be careful when merging records, since PageMaker puts each record on its own page by default. The actual import works well enough, as long as your PageMaker document has nothing else in it. Adobe says the data-merge tool is intended only for mail merges, where an entire letter is duplicated with a unique name and address in each copy. PageMaker 7. However, those features were difficult to use and produced mediocre Web pages, and they're no better in version 7. Adobe PageMaker 7.

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Create a wide variety of publications in Adobe PageMaker 7. Build your own publications from scratch, or take advantage of hundreds of predesigned templates that you can modify to suit your needs. Tired of learning new applications only to find they don't work well with your existing software? With Adobe PageMaker 7. Output files to any printing device, including digital quick printers and high-end commercial printers.