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Our friends at Apple say they are working on a fix, but for now, Firefox and Chrome are the more reliable choices. Skip to main content. Mac System Requirements Video recognition requires intensive processing by your computer. Mac OS X Tips for running Sighthound Video on a Mac Even Sighthound users who normally use Windows machines have written to us to say that they run a Mac Mini as a dedicated machine for Sighthound Video.

And can recommend? I'd call tech support as I have a contract but I'm sure I'll get the "we don't recommend third party etc blah ". May 31, 5: If you use the webcam less, than simply get a cheaper model to save you some cash. Remember that the C is p.

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This isn't very difficult, really. Jun 1, 7: Then why are so many people on Amazon, bestbuy, other review sites, having trouble with the audio, echo, where they can't get the correct software, where they have trouble with drivers, where they can get it work with Facetime, but not Hangouts, and getting a picture that isn't jaggy?

The smartest video surveillance software for the Mac.

Apparently almost anything is fine for awesome cat videos or 12 minute unpacking your awesome phone video, but if you want something that is consistent and works, it is a little difficult really. Jun 2, 9: I'm looking for a webcam I think a camcorder is a much better choice. Far more flexible with better image quality than webcams. Before you buy, consider looking at some of the camcorder alternatives.

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Thanks, EZ Jim. But I haven't heard of hooking up a camcorder as a video for Skype or Hangouts. Is there a tutorial on it? I have a great Canon Vixia HD camcorder. Jun 3, 9: TuckerdogAVL wrote: No tutorial that I know, but your Canon may be workable for video chat use, too. If should work with iMovie as well as with FaceTime, Messages, and your browser-based video chats.

Jun 3, 2: Alas, no it is not firewire. I do have an old Sony Handycam that is firewire but I read somewhere that it won't work with a Mac. I have a to to thunderbolt setup for an old dvd recorder I use, and I tried simply running the firewire as I usually do to transfer into the computer, but there wasn't anything on the sony that appeared to allow the camera to act as a camera.

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Jun 4, 8: It won't work as a webcam. Those models write to mini DV tape and connect via Firewire. In general, your HFS20 and my earlier camcorder recommendations will work to capture clips that you can import into iMovie for editing if desired or record directly into iMovie for sharing on sites like YouTube.

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However, to add webcam use with Skype or Hangout , you will need either a Mac-compatible webcam or a Mac-compatible, Firewire-connected, tape-based camcorder , or both a compatible webcam and a compatible camcorder. If you simply decide to add a camera that will work with your Mac's video chat software, one of the webcams recommended by others who have posted here will be your best choice for chat tasks.

Alternatively , you can consider buying a Mac-compatible, Firewire-connected, tape-based camcorder such as a VIXIA HV20, 30, or 40 that can serve both recording and chat functions. If you cannot find a Mac-compatible, Firewire-connected, tape-based camcorder locally, you can find them offered in on-line auction sites like this example.

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A wide range of price and quality is available. Be certain that any of interest meet the Mac-compatible, Firewire-connected, tape-based requirements. I do have an old Sony Handycam that is firewire but I read somewhere that it won't work with a Mac Your Sony may not be Mac compatible. If yours is s Firewire-connected " mini -DV" model, it should work, but some users have reported difficulty with Sony mini-DV models that connected through Sony "docking stations.

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Sony Marketing would want to ensure that your model is advertised as Mac-compatible if it is. They are compatible for both video clip and video chat purposes. I occasionally see both advertised in the used market. TuckerdogAVL wrote For help with Flash for OS X Thanks so much. The two missing steps I was not doing were the remove the tape and launch Photo Booth. I'll give it a whirl. Need to make this happen today.

Been very helpful. Will let you know. Jun 23, 9: Jan 11, 3: I got a Logitech C to use with my Macbook air with a view to making stop motion animations with my son. It's kind of compatible but it's not the best supported Logitech webcam for Macs. The previous version C is more compatible with the Mac and Logitech provide more support for this model rather than the C - I seem to have a knack for choosing gadgets which are not quite right for me. There's a Logitech driver app which does give some additional functionality available in the app store and there's a 3rd party app from Mactaris called "Webcam Settings" which does unlock all the features available on the C