How to restore mac desktop to factory settings without disc

Step-by-step Guide to Reset Mac to Factory Settings

Expand the "Show Package Contents" folder. Copy and paste the "InstallESD.

How to wipe MacBook Pro without losing data

Open the "Disk Utility" within the Utilities folder under Applications and connect the USB flash drive to one of the ports located on the back side of the iMac. Restart the iMac after the restore drive is completed and hold the "Command-R" keys until the boot selector appears. Choose the flash drive from the boot selector, open the "Disk Utility" and select the iMac's hard drive.

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  7. How to Factory Reset Your iMac Without a CD!

Select the "Erase Tab," set the "Format: Choose the "install Mac OS X" option from the menu and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the factory reset. The format process will erase all information on the hard drive. Copying the OS X installer to a flash drive will erase all contents on the flash drive as well: Back up any important data before reinstalling the OS. We share our information with our banks, medical institutions, and employers. These technologies are deeply integrated into our lives and, in many cases, we have become dependent on them, making us vulnerable when the technology fails or our information is not properly protected.

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In case you have any comments, tips or suggestions please contact: Before you start erasing the disk, make sure you back up your data and log out of your accounts and services. Then release the keys and proceed to the next step. Here are your next steps:. This is pretty simple.

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Go to the Apple menu in the top left corner of your screen and choose Restart. When the process is complete, go the Disk Utility menu in the top left corner of your screen and select Quit Disk Utility. However, if you are not going to keep your Mac, it would be better to quit the process and let the new owner enter all necessary information. Simply hold down the Command and Q keys and then choose Shut Down to turn the Mac off but leave it waiting for a new user.

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How to wipe your Mac and reset it to factory settings

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How to Erase and Factory Reset your Mac!

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