Cannot log into icloud on mac

Just remember this: However, after John and Darth disabled two-step logins and went to enable two-factor authentication in macOS, the system prompted them to set a new password for their respective Macs. However, while it may be inconvenient to remember two passwords is, I highly recommend using 2FA. It makes it substantially harder for your Apple ID to be compromised, even in the hopefully unlikely event your password is guessed or cracked. Email yours to mac macworld. Mac cannot reply to email with troubleshooting advice nor can we publish answers to every question.

Unlocking a Mac with an Apple Watch requires two-factor, not two-step, iCloud The system constantly refers to an e-mail address that has not existed for a year or more.

Check whether iCloud is down

Pretty much at the point of having to bring system down to Apple and pay for a fix. I have a gmail email now instead of earthlink. I have changed it everywhere I can think of, but the system on my MacBook Air always refers to the old earthlink email. Did you ever find out how to fix that? Signed out and rebooted over 20 times, with no joy. Apple help chat was, as expected, ZERO help. I can access from iPads, phone, MacBook, but not the iMac. None of this has worked for me. Running Sierra Changed iCloud pw when I dropped 2 factor auth.

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Signed out of iCloud then back in and it duplicated every calendar entry. It all seems like lousy QA of Sierra and Support has no clue.

Fixing iCloud “Unknown error occurred” & “Mac can’t connect to iCloud because of a problem” Errors

This post was a life saver. I came across this problem when I changed the password of my apple ID. I could no longer sign in to my icloud account through my computer nor with my iphone. I still have no idea on why I wasnt able to sign in nor sign out from my icloud account. So weird…. Your documents will still be available on other devices using iCloud.

Unlock Any MacBook Without The Password

Does this mean information in Numbers and Pages will no longer be on my computer? I am reluctant to do this. Hi all, I discovered the same problem yesterday and none of the above tips helped. So this was my solution: Then I finally saw the problem: After restarting, the error came once more, but then all mail-accounts, calendar entries, reminders etc. I also could re-type my passwort for the icloud account and everything is working now!

I am so happy, I thought I have to re-install my whole laptop… Hope that helps someone having the same problems. Best, Jule. How do you clean up the logs. I constantly have to reconnect and re-set up iMessage across my devices. It used to only happen when I updated os and iOS. Now I get the error message multiple times a day and have to re-set up connectivity between devices.

Very frustrating. Thanks, Terri. Thanks a lot. Hi All, I was having same issue and i noticed my date and time was not up to date.. I can sign in to icloud fine on my iphone and apad and at icloud. I have deleted icloud plists several times, changed password several times, turned off 2 step verification, booted in safe mode and tried to sign out and in again, but nothing works.

If you upgrade to two-factor authentication, you can’t log in to your Mac with an iCloud password

Also if you are that concerned about calendar appointments you should have backed up first. Worked like a charm. This looks promising. I am in my primary profile which has the subject problem. If I do your steps above, do I stand to lose one or the other keychain? I wish the geniuses at Apple would erase iCloud and invent a system that actually works.

Man, I was struggling with this all day. Not only was iCloud breaking on me, but all my connected internet accounts Google, Facebook, etc.

Method 1: Verify if the iCloud Server is Working or Not

Fantastical, Messages, Calendar, Reminders, everything was broken. Probably will tomorrow morning for whatever reason: Maybe cause I use CCleaner each evening before shutting down, but have all along and never has been an issue, until just a few days ago. All these solutions are a bunch of bolony, IMO. I did the Sign out three days in a row.

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  • That is what has happened to me, three days in a row, after the Sign Out of ICloud thing appeared to work, each time: I give up. So I have given up. Samo Samo this morning. Well latest news. I was on MacOS Sierra, A friend of mine who is a BigAppleFanBoy, was convinced that after trying everything else that upgrading the OS would fix it. Be sure to follow all the directions and close all apps that use iCloud like Mail, Messages, etc before restarting.

    Removing documents from folder, signing out of iCloud, plus a reboot worked for me! Thanks for the help! If someone has a Gmail account, why is iCloud naming that as the problem? It affects everything on my Mac including the App Store. I was then able to login to the iCloud on my Mac. Photos taken on my iPhone are now updating on my computer. Worked for me. All to little avail. It seems there are potentially multiple problems that manifest this same error, so there's not much of a one-size fits all, except perhaps the combo I stumbled upon….

    Seemed like it would always get stuck trying to sign out of "Find my mac". That made it able for me to successful log out of iCloud. But then nothing would log back in, as I then got the "verification failed there was a problem connecting to the server" error. See this: I could login to iCloud and all was right with the world well, with my Mac anyway. Name required. Mail will not be published required.

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