Where do i find the mac address on my iphone 5

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How do I see the last two pairs? Touching the Posted on Feb 3, 7: Page content loaded. Feb 3, I just checked on my iPhone and all 6 pairs show up. Do you possibly have any accessibility features turned on that would make the text larger so that it has to hide some of the information?

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This is my friends iPhone and though I checked all of his settings I don't see anything turned on or checked that would make the fonts larger than normal. I was able to find a solution on another sight though.

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It was suggested that if the entire MAC address didn't show to just touch and hold the visible number until 'copy' shows. After copying the number just paste it into a text message field and the entire number then shows up.

How to find the MAC ADDRESS for an IPHONE

Its a shame that I had to spend so much time researching this to find it on a non-Apple sight to get this simple answer to a very frustrating glitch. Jun 22, 6: I did this 3 times during my 2h journey and it worked everytime.

Find the iPhone MAC Address

I thought it was too easy. I thought about the NV again I decided to reboot my phone.

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I needed to activate my iPhone again using iTunes. No big deal.

But after activating my phone was fucked. It displayed 0k in iTunes and no apps were showing. I could still use my phone except for the WIFI, it was just greyed out. So I choosed to restore my phone. When the phone got restored it also got updated to 7.

Thanks to Misuse, Apps Can’t View MAC Addresses on iOS 11

So i jailbroke it once again with Pangu , installed MobileTerminal Ran this little magic command: This post could've ended here. So, was it worth all the trouble? Josef Ottosson.