Zoo tycoon money cheat mac

Make an exhibit with a lion, a bengal tiger and a black bear. This will unlock the yellow brick path.

Because you can use this method multiple times, you could end up destroying all of your fences. There are 2 ways around this. Second, pick up a maintainence worker beforehand, then place him next to the broken section of fence when it appears: To get lots of money in a scenario go around bulldozing trees.

Contributed by: When this happens, a Christmas tree and a snowman will be available in the buildings tab for Christmas, and a jack-o-lantern will be available for Halloween. Underneath [scenario], change it to the following:.

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Name one of your exhibits accordingly for the desired effect. It should also be noted that if you name a brand new exhibit using this cheat, it will crash the game. Vegetaman, Dragonfly13, Herlax, JChamberlin. Do it the necesarry times needed.

Get more cash and goodies with cheat codes for 'Zoo Tycoon' for PC

Learn more Put a lion, a Bengal tiger, and a grizzly bear in the same cage to get a gold path. Name an exhibit Supercroc to get a Deinosuchus really large dinosaur crocodile. Name an exhibit Xanadu to get a unicorn. See warnings before using this cheat. Name an exhibit Cretaceous Corral to get a triceratops.

Is there a "more money" cheat for zoo tycoon 2 bec..

Put a mermaid statue in a water exhibit and it will turn into a mermaid. Name an exhibit Blue Fang and guests will pay double for attractions. Name random people these names to see what happens: Andrew Binder - Makes all animal houses available Akiyama - Makes all Scenarios available Dr Doolittle - Animals in their assigned exhibits will have a higher breeding chance.

Adam Levesque - Makes all animal care programs available Charlie Peterson - All foliage will become available Lou Catanzaro - Makes all animal toys available Microsoft - You will double the donations. Blue, Pink, Brown, Blond, Orange, and White will make the shirts of everyone and every building the chosen color.

Zoo tycoon 2 money cheat/hack

Why cant I get Filters for my Tanks?!! How do you make arctic wolves and other things like b.. How do you clean the tanks? When I set up show tanks with show animals, and set u..

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More Questions and Answers for Zoo Tycoon: Instantly fix fences. Good Cheats!! Shift 4.

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